Frequently asked questions

Does using a re-manufactured cartridge void my printer’s warranty?

No. Printer/copier manufacturers cannot void your warranty under the Sherman/Clayton antitrust act of 1914. They would like you to believe you can only use OEM products in their printers/copiers. It’s simply not true.

Do re-manufactured cartridges perform as good as OEM?

YES! In most cases, even better. We offer cost-effective high volume cartridges even when they are not available through OEM suppliers.

How do I know if poor printer performance is machine or cartridge related?

80% of printer performance is in the cartridge. That’s where all the magic happens. There are only a few things within the actual printer that most commonly go wrong such as fusers and paper feed rollers/tires. Having your printer serviced regularly will ensure less downtime and frustration.

How do I know if it’s worth repairing or if I should just replace my printer?

When it comes to making that decision, it comes down to how much you spent on the printer to begin with and how old it is. The most common repairs on a printer are the fusers and paper feed rollers/tires. The average cost for these repairs/maintenance runs about $100-$300. So, if you paid $200 for your printer 8 years ago, a printer replacement is probably the most cost-effective.

Can I get cartridges off the internet for less?

Yes, you can. However, you may end up paying more for your cartridges online than from Cartridge Care Inc. Here’s why: cartridges fail and manufacturer defects happen even with name brand products. If this happens you will need to request a return (and some online companies don’t honor returns), arrange for return shipping, and then find a replacement at a big box store. How much is your time worth? Instead give Cartridge Care, Inc a call and have it delivered the same day with no delivery or shipping charges. Another common problem with Internet cartridges is low page count. We, as well as several customers, have tested and found low page counts a frequent problem. A discount cartridge that only prints for a fraction of the number of pages our cartridges give you can be more expensive overall. We do the math for you.

Why should my business use Cartridge Care, Inc. for our printer and copier needs?

By choosing Cartridge Care, Inc. for your printer and copier needs, you save time and money. We offer fast, reliable, personalized service to help keep your business running. We consider ourselves your business partner so your success and growth help us succeed as well. By purchasing from us you are supporting the local business and economy. Finally, printer issues can slow and even stop your business. By choosing Cartridge Care, Inc. your downtime due to printer issues will be mitigated exponentially. Give Neal or Chris a call at 360-459-8845 or shoot us an email at purchase@cartcareinc.com.