Frequently asked questions

(QHHT) Quantum Healing Hypnosis *

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a powerful regressive hypnosis technique created by the late Dolores Cannon. She discovered that by guiding a client into the very deepest levels of hypnosis (the somnombolistic levels of trance - clinical hypnotherapists work in lighter trance states) we are able to access higher consciousness, past lives, life between lives, soul/spirit realms, speak with loved ones that have have pasted, and so much more. In this space of altered consciousness miraculous healing, helpful information, ancient knowledge and answers to burning life questions are brought forward to help and benefit the client in this current life moving forward. QHHT sessions have a strict protocal of how they are cunducted in accordance to how Dolores cannon created, practiced and taught. The two hour hypnosis part of a session is as follows - First hour is spent visiting 2-3 past lives follwoed by the second hour being spent with the clients higher self. Learn more

(BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing *

BQH is essentialy QHHT on steroids! Practitioners are enchouraged to utalise there full healing tool kit within the hypnosis session, wherby with QHHT there are very strict protocols to adere to.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

At our core we are ALL energy, a part of the collective consciousness or Source energy. Each spark of consciousness (us) are continuously incarnating as differnet life forms to experience. These experiences, over time help to evolve our soul and raise our vibration so that ultimatly we can return back to Source, for the whole process to begin again. Our incarnations are not limited to human life experiences on earth, they can be anything, because everything is energy. Some examples are incarnating as an animal, an element like the wind or water, another being in another universe or a plant of somekind. There are no limitations. We carry through with us energtic residue trapped in our biofield, these can be seen as gifts or talents that we havnt had to learn or strong interests with no explination. However they can also be fears or phobias. Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a deep trance technique that enables us to revist the origional cause of an issue and realse this energy, thereby healing the 'this life'symptom. There are many more applications within this space. Learn more

Body Talk / Soul Speak

Body Talk or Soul Speak is an understanding of reading the often very literal messages from Higher Self regarding your true internal language that may be holding you back from discoving your purpose. They may also be signs or signals to redirect you on your path of greater purpose. Sickness, dis-ease or discomfort are your souls way of getting your attention. The longer you ingore these signs the more cronic the ailment will get. If unleft until terminal you will learn the reason for experiencing whatever it is on your passing when you will view the whole of your life in its entirety. It is very possible that the unresolved sickness, dis-ease or discomfort will show itself in some form in your next incarnation.

Dreamwork (training & analysis)

Dreamwork covers a broad spectrum of topics under the umbrella of sleep (altered state of consciousness). Much of the hypnosis techniques I practice are in the somnobalistic realms, which are the very deepest levels of trance. The moments just before you awake and just before you fall asleep. In this very special space of quite mind we have one foot in the conscious reality and one foot in the expanded consciousness reality. Learning to master this space is of great benefit to all. Through the practice of lucid dreaming, astral projection and dream analasys we can communicate with our higher selves (sometime higher vibribrational entities) and recieve guidance, insights and healing. Astral projection slightly differs from other dreamwork practices as falling asleep inst always neccessary. With dedication and practice one can seprate from the physical body and move or visit other places, connect with others in different places. Why? For example, in this space we are able to influence energy and emotions of others, like comfort or bring courage to a loved one when you are unable to physically be with them.

Channeling (insights & guidance)

Channeling is something that we can all do however, often our caotic minds make it difficult to hear. Our intuition can be developed so that we can recieve guidance and or insights from our higher selves, other sentient beings or spirit. This is a part of our raising our vibration. When our frequency match with higher dimensions through self work and personal development it is difficult to ignore.

Sound Healing

You, me, animals and plants are energy. Thoughts, emotions and dis-ease are energy. All of everything that ever was has a vibrational signiture. Sound healing is when a sound or frequency is created that matches whatever it is being treated and brings about a balance, promoting healing or total iradication of symptom. Sound can also be used to change the energy in a space also promoting the optimum environment for healing, calm and balance. Heaing sounds can be created by voice (singing or spoken), instuments, singing bowls and gongs. Usually a tool will be chosen for its vibrational effect or resonating sound but all music creates change within us using the same principals. Only not all music promotes positive energy.

Energy Transmutation

Energy transmutation can also be discribed as purging. Purging is a way of releasing negative, blocked energy within your biofiled that has not been process at its time of creation and is stuck. When we move through our life or lives unconsciously we are having thousands of experiences, positive and negative. We dont allow ourselves time to digest and release the energy of experiences before we have already moved onto the next one. As we become more conscious in our life, each experience is given the time to learn from and then we let it go, having grown from the experience. In this way we dont hold onto to anything and not needing transmute old energy footprints. But as we are just waking up there is often a great deal that has been stuck and needs releasing. Spirit Plant Medicine will help you to release this where it is needed, it is also possible to release this in hypnosis. Purging can come in many forms not just vomiting or deficating. I can help guide you to more pleasant and equally benefitial forms of release like shivering, yawning, crying or shouting.

Entity & Attachments

As we move through our incarnations we can pick up energetic residue in our biofield. This can be from actual experiences or it can be other beings in spirit that attach themselves to our field. This can cause sickness, undesirable behaviours or other symptoms that are distructive in our lives and stopping us from truly reaching our ful potential. Manytimes these attchments are harmless and is simply a soul that didnt know where to go when transitioning or wasnt quite ready to move on. They can attch to another person because the biofield of the person they attach to is weak, sick, young or negative in some way. These can easily be released by idetifying them and bringing them into your awareness. By doing this it we can give them a voice and show them the way home, back to there spark of light.

Meditation Programs and Training

Many folks that are new to the concept of mindfulness or meditation often believe that one needs to sit cross legged like a yogi and try to stop thinking. Not surprisingly many believ they cant it and never try again. Their are thousands of ways to meditate and not all are about quieting your mind. I want to shine a light on all the differnt forms of meditation so that more people will be inclined to give it a go. It is my thought that meditation should be taught to all humans, just how to walk, how to feed yourself and how to go to the toilet. Meditation allows us to step outside of our habitual pradigm and begin to see realize that we are conscious beings with infintate potential. Stress, anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy and so much more are a symptom of our busy, money driven and materialistic lifestyle, meditaion practice will elp you to master your mind and rise above these destructive mind sets.

(CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is (CBT) is a a type of psychotheraputic treatment that helps people learn how to identify and change distructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviors and emotions. Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy focuses on changing the negative thought patterns that can contribute to and or worsen emotional difficulties, depression and, anxiety. These spontanious negative thoughts and perceptions have a detrimental influence on mood. Through CBT, these thoughts are identified, challenged and, replaced with more objective, productive and realistic thoughts.

(NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a way of changing someones thoughts and behaviors to help help achieve a desired outcomes for them. NLP is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, behavior and language to product the results they do. A key element of NLP is that we form our unique mental maps of the world as a product of the way we filter and percieve information through our five senses from the world around us. NLP is not hypnotherapy but rather it opperates through the conscious mind to bring about changes in someones thoughts and behaviours by analyzing stratagies and modeling the behavior of successfull individuals and applying them in ones own life.

Human Design

Human Design helps you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers a map of your unique gentic design, with detailed information on both consious and unconscious aspects of yourself. The Human Design system is a synthasis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. It is not build on religion or faith, but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you. Once you start experimenting with the knowledge, you may experience changes in your perspective. Over time, this helps you learn what brings fullfullment. Everyone has a signiture - peace, satisfaction, success or surprise - that comes when you are living in accordance with your true nature. A lessening of resistance, in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or dissapointment is the result. Learn more and descover your type here.

(LBL) Life Between Lives Hypnosis

Life Between Lives Hypnosis is a deep trance hypnosis technique that allows for the client to be guided to the place your soul goes between incarnations. Much healing happens between incarnations and can this can be a very interesting experience where you may visit the soul realm, experience the process of leaving the body and remember what its like to remember all of your lives and exists in only love. The planning stage of this current life you are living now is also a very valuable experience. You can go back to just before your birth, in the womb and being born. Here you can discover why you chose this life, your parents, life purpose, soul contract with others etc. Learn more

Intergration Support

Intergration is an integral part of a successful theraputic outcome when using Spirit Plant Medicine. Understanding what is happening when recieving insights or changing perceptions, how to implement your learnings into your life after you leave and how to process or complicated realisations about yourself, others and the world around you, are just a few examples of where integration is esential. However, its not just post-session where integration is needed. Integration also covers pre-session. Your therapist, practitioner or guide will help you to cultivate the optimum mental landscape from which you can embark on your journey and get the very best out of the exprience. And it dosnt stop their, even before you have signed and are in the curiosty stage, the medicine is at work. From the moment you develop an interest you are being called by the Spirit Plant Medicine and will need helpful and knowledgable advice from a practitioner you trust. This can make all the difference in itself. Learn more

Shadow Work & Inner Child

What is our shadow? Our shadow is that part of ourself that creates upset or negative emotions within us. It is often created earlier on in life but is not exclusive to this, as a response to somekind of trauma or challenging experience. We subconsciously develop an offshoot of our true personality as a survival mechanism meant to protect us from experiencing that pain again. Often times though these creations no longer serve us and become destructive in our lives and within releationships. Shadow work is a process that takes as long as it takes to heal, but once you have identified this part of you and the origin it already begins to diminish out of your life. These can be very valuable tool for self-actualization and realisation. What is Inner Child work? again many of our unprocessed trauma that we carry around into our adult life was created (knowingly or unknowingly) in our childhood. The way we experience things as a child is different to how we respond to the same experience in our adult years when we have a deeper understanding of why things happen. In hypnosis or in Spirit Plant Medicine we have the opportunity to re-visit ourself as a child and deliver comfort or forgivness. By doing this we can release ourselves from the destructive beliefes carried forward. Oftern with extraordinary and instant results.

Psychedelic Coaching *

Pyschedelic Coaching offers you support and guidance with all stages of your psychedelic journey. Are you looking for non-bias information and guidance on which path to take and how to take is safley and mindfully. Advice on how best to move forward regarding specific outcomes. Psychedelic coaching also consists of full support and guidance with regards to starting and practicing a program of microdosoing foe optimum benefits and growth. Integration can be a challenging time for some and the need for trusted support can . Learn more